Fall Layers!


Skirt: H&M | Blouse |Sweater |Handbag: Kate Spade |Shoes: Booties |






I love it when the fall temperatures finally start to drop here in the south. It is actually beginning to feel like fall a little more each day. But…seriously, can we keep this weather year round? It’s PERFECT- mid 70’s and low 60’s at night. Are we really asking for too much?  I  really do enjoy  all of the fall fashion that adds layering and giving your look a little more dimension. Adding layers is also a plus for transitioning your wardrobe from  summer into fall.   This whole look is from H&M and under $100 (exception of shoes & handbag).  Sweater weather and scarf season is coming full swing, y’all. Bring it on!

I want to share with you all my favorite tips for transitioning your wardrobe. I know it can be tricky especially when it is 80+ one day and then the next it’s low 50’s-60’s outside. Do I run my a/c or do I need to turn on the heat? Mother Nature is definitely a female…100% sure of this!

Tips for Transitioning:

Layering is Key-  You can keep your summer staples and implement into your fall wardrobe. Consider layering it with your favorite sweater. Always my go to!

Bring out all of the vests and  puffer jackets to pair with your favorite button up and pikos. I personally haven’t purchased a puffer jacket yet but it is on my to do list for my next retail therapy trip.

Denim Jacket- If you’re not quite ready to put up your summer dresses yet, consider adding a denim jacket with your favorite summer dress. Adds so much dimension to your look!

Sweaters, Sweaters, & More Sweaters– Pair your chambray shirt with a sweater & cute statement necklace. I always love this look and it’s timeless- always in style!

 I hope you are all having a great week so far! PSA- Holiday Season is coming up next! It’s only 60 days until Christmas! Is this real life….Where does the time go?

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    I love layering for the colder months. And I think it’s so cute how you layered the striped blouse with the sweater. It totally looks like you bought it this way in the store! x


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