My 5 Favorite Things About December!

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The countdown is on and we are less than two weeks away until Christmas. I hope everyone is almost all done with their Christmas Shopping.  December is the most festive month of the year and dare I say, if you don’t enjoy this time of year- you might be a Grinch. I’m kidding… not really though! I just love the holiday season and I wanted to share my 5 favorite things about December! Here we go-


Decorating for Christmas- If you know me, you know that I enjoy decorating. I am not always the most patient person when it comes to decorating but I love to get in the holiday spirit by decorating the interior and exterior of our home. I love seeing everyone’s decorations from their Christmas Trees, mantles, tables, and exterior of house with all of the lights. There is just something special about Christmas decorations.


Family Time-  It’s nice to have a few days off  from work and just being able to enjoy spending quality time with our families. Sometimes life gets busy and we feel like we aren’t able to make time for everything that we would like so I truly value the quality time we get to spend with our family, friends, and loved ones. I hope that I don’t ever take it for granted.  

three Starbucks Holiday Drinks- I know this seems so cliche but you know that you have seen the lines for Starbucks especially during the holiday season. I am not the only one who loves their holiday drinks. YOU DO TOO! 🙂 Peppermint Mocha is my usual go to choice but I have discovered a drink recently. It’s the Marble Mocha Macchiato. You won’t find it on the menu, but most Starbucks baristas know how to make it if you ask for one. It’s a mix of white chocolate syrup, espresso, and steamed milk with a mocha drizzle. Highly recommend!


Lounging Next to the Fireplace Watching Christmas Movies- I do enjoy a relaxing night with the fireplace going watching Christmas movies. I am pretty certain that I have watched all of the Hallmark Christmas Movies. My husband falls asleep about 5 minutes into most of them. He’s not a fan! Some of my all time favorite Christmas movies other than the Hallmark Channel include: Elf, Home Alone, Miracle on 34th Street, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and The Polar Express. What are some of  your all time favorite Christmas movies?

fiveBaking- December is when I pretend like I am Betty Crocker and do a little baking. I use Pinterest to find new recipes to try and I always make my favorite White Chocolate Party Mix. If you have some good holiday recipes, please share them with me. 🙂 I haven’t started my baking just yet!

It’s this time of year when I’m always reminded that it is the little things in life that mean the most. I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season so far.



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    I do like the baking different cookies and with that goes eating some of them. I prefer my weather to be warm a little white is ok. I would love a fireplace but heat at its hottest in the house make me happy. Starbucks holiday flavors are always a win! I like Miracle on 34th and Hallmark shows as well! We are enjoying free-form this year with all day holiday shows. I don’t decorate too much but your photos are great.

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